der Diwan
Tanja Katsis

Tanja Katsis
Messeweg 12a
52156 Monschau


- I am an Artist (digital ART), born in 1969 and enthusiastic Photographer.

- I love to discover or to try out New.

- I am a Dreamer, and prefer to put the Fine Art, than me in the Foreground.

- Gladly, I show you my World and my Perspective through my Eyes, transformed to the Camera as a daily Tool.

- In my Work, I let this intuitively incorporated and my Works arise from a clear deep- conscious Attitude to BE and ALL-what-IS, born at this Moment.

- Also, you are invited to go into the Consideration and in Contemplation. Feel the Power, the Light and the Depth and feel in yourself and

... Recognize yourself!