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Paul Croes Photography

Körnerstrasse 6 65185 Wiesbaden

Kannst Du Dich kurz vorstellen?

For 15 years I was a fashion photographer in Belgium for retail and magazines, this was my first choice to be active in the pro world of photography.

In Belgium, the possibilities are not abundant, due to the empty void and unpleasant atmosphere of this in combination with the financial and career possibilities I suffered from a burnout.

At that time, I did as sort of free work a photo session with a big white Borzoi, this dog posed in some pictures as a real elegant and beautiful model !

In animal photography you do not need a make-up artist or hair stylist to have a perfect picture, whether the animal is old, or blind or has one leg missing, is too fat or too skinny, every animal is like a top model and is perfect by itself !

Kannst Du Dich noch an Dein erstes Foto erinnern? Was war es?

My first animal picture was from a beautiful white Borzoi, who was so elegant as a haute couture model !

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